Leather Alterations, Repairs, and Services

Over the past 30 plus years as a leather artisan and seamstress I have acquired the basic techniques and many skills beyond to aid in professionally re-pairing and altering all types of leather garments for continued use. My career in leather working began while working at Ray’s Leather Dry Cleaners, where I was responsible for repairing and alter-ing all types of leather garments for most of the State of Oregon and part of Northern California for 10 years.

Eventually I transitioned, seamlessly, into designing and crafting my own line of leather handbags, backpacks, hip packs, belts, wallets, leather accessories and creating custom designs for those looking for something extra special.

Leather working is not only my vocation which I am proud of, but also my passion. Whether it be repairing a well-worn item you love or bringing your vision to life in a custom creation, providing my extensive sewing skills to meet your leather needs brings me great joy. 


Below you will find the current pricing sheet for the most common services that I provide. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email and/or call me. Thanks!

Leather Services Pricing Sheet