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We Make Handmade Leather Goods

Eugene Leatherworks was established by Ken Blundon in 1974 and then in 1990 Judy Smith (myself) partnered with him, bringing my creative designs and feminine touches. In the early years Ken began by tooling and lacing on latigo leathers; making belts and purses. He then started selling his craft at Saturday Markets in the Eugene area and then on to the Portland area. Eventually, as business grew, he started selling at various Art Festivals throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Over time we switched to using more soft leathers that were either: already embossed, silk-screened, and/or colored. By doing so it opened up opportunities to new designs and allowed us to stay in step with fashion trends. We also spent time listening to our customer's needs and requests to construct some of the most well thought out bags and accessories while still being beautiful works of art that pairs function and form.

The effort of creating our various styles is a complex process which involves a lot of trial, error and time. The foundation to all my designs is to make each style be as versatile as it can possibly be, such as: backpack, shoulder bag, cross-body, ergonomic, to name a few. Starting with the simple drawings of what I would like the art work to be used for, then deciding who will be the primary user, and finally adding the finishing touches by creating the style to be aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. I continue on, drawing out my pattern pieces until each style is achieved. When these are completed and blend together perfectly, I create my "cookie-cutter" dies myself, using plywood and a few trade secrets. When this laborious process is completed I can then start my production creating "One-of-a-Kind", 100% all leather components, using combinations of the many unique, limited quantities, of leathers I have found. I take pride in building the highest level of quality, function, and design by paying special attention to detail in each and every item!

Over the years in business, we have grown to expand our market to include more areas across the United States, while maintaining the individually hand crafted and proud to be "MADE IN USA" leather fashions and accessories. I will even do some customizing of my individual styles to accommodate the special needs of my customers, with pleasure. Our home base is in Springfield, Oregon where I grew up and where Ken lived. Throughout the years of working with Ken, we achieved new levels in our designs, as we pooled our ideas together, until he realized I had gone beyond his wildest dreams in all aspects of the business. He will always be remembered by our customers and myself. Ken and I both shared in the passion for designing the best function and quality possible. He will be missed but the legacy continues. Ken Blundon passed away on August 2, 2011. Since given the opportunity, I continue to carry out our dreams in design and function, and look forward to pushing the envelope farther in my visions for the future.

Genuine leather

Only 100% genuine leather is used in my bags. From the exterior to the interior pockets and liners. This helps to ensure quality and durability.

Quality material

All zippers and sliders are top-of-the-line YKK zippers and all thread is an extremely durable nylon thread for long-lasting quality.

Hand made

My hand made leather bags are exactly what the name implies, hand made. No assembly lines or mass production.

“I take pride not only in the quality of my workmanship but also in where my goods are made. Which is why all goods crafted by Eugene Leatherworks are 100% Made in the USA.”


790 30th St., Unit E-2
Springfield, OR 97478
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